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As a leading distributor in the vibrant tri-state area, we specialize in providing a diverse range of high-quality goods that capture the rich flavors and traditions of Mexico and Latin America. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering wholesale pricing, ensuring that our members have access to competitive rates for their businesses.





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Elevate your business with Gromex Inc.’s unparalleled distribution program, designed to bring the vibrant flavors and quality craftsmanship of Mexican and Latin American products directly to your doorstep.

No Delivery Fees
or Surcharges

Say goodbye to hidden costs! Gromex Inc. is dedicated to transparency and simplicity. Our distribution program comes with the added benefit of zero delivery fees or surcharges, making the entire process efficient and cost-effective.

Enjoy Wholesale Pricing With Your Membership

Unlock unbeatable wholesale pricing that empowers your business to thrive. Gromex Inc. is committed to providing competitive rates, allowing you to maximize your margins and offer customers exceptional value.

From the Fields, To Our Warehouse, To Your Business

Experience convenience like never before. Gromex Inc. takes pride in a streamlined and hassle-free delivery process. From the fields, to our warehouse and to your business, enjoy a direct and efficient supply chain that ensures your shelves are stocked with the freshest produce and authentic Mexican and Latin American products.

Diversify Your Shelves, Delight Your Customers

Embrace the diverse and captivating world of Mexican & Latin American products with Gromex Inc. With over 2,000 products to choose from, our distribution program is your passport to a world of flavors, traditions, and opportunities. Join us in bringing the essence of Mexico & America to your customers with every delivery!

Areas we service

Step into the world of Gromex, where the NJ Tri-state area becomes our playground. Celebrate freshness, delivered straight to the heart of local restaurants, supermarkets, and stores—yes, we're talking about your neighborhood! And guess what? Our delivery service is not just efficient, it's absolutely free of charge. Gromex is here to make your community a tastier, more delightful place, one free delivery at a time. Because at Gromex, we believe everyone deserves a dash of freshness in their day, without breaking the bank!