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In the last three decades, Gromex has experienced significant growth, establishing itself as the foremost distributor of Mexican fruits, vegetables, and a diverse array of Latin American products, including all major Mexican brands. Our services extend to the vibrant community of the NJ tri-state area, catering to a wide clientele that includes supermarkets, bodegas, restaurants, bakeries and other distributors who seek the authentic flavors of Mexico and Latin America. 



Open to the Public

No Membership required

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Step into the world of Gromex, where the NJ Tri-state area becomes our playground. Celebrate freshness, delivered straight to the heart of local restaurants, supermarkets, and stores—yes, we’re talking about your neighborhood! And guess what? Our delivery service is not just efficient, it’s absolutely free of charge. Gromex is here to make your community a tastier, more delightful place, one free delivery at a time. Because at Gromex, we believe everyone deserves a dash of freshness in their day, without breaking the bank!